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Choked with fear

“I find your lack of faith disturbing” I have a confession. I’m a bit of a geek. And I may have just revealed a little too much by quoting Darth Vader from the “original” Star Wars film. But I do … Continue reading

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“Better than a free cup of coffee”

Can you imagine what Jesus may have been thinking at this time almost 2,000 years ago? Knowing that in a few days He would be abandoned, betrayed and denied by those who He was closest to here. That He would … Continue reading

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Good pain

Last night during devotional time with my family, my youngest son broke down. All it took, all it ever takes is the gentle reminder of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and the thought of someone he loves dying for him. … Continue reading

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From one Father to another

I am a fearful person. I am not proud of this fact, as are most people who recognize their flaws. Now I am not as bad as I used to be and I work hard at being strong in the … Continue reading

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All Things Possible…

Yesterday I had a wake up call. Nearly 7 years ago I had to take a personality test for the agency I currently work for, I never saw the results, until that morning. My boss, God bless him, withheld most … Continue reading

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A big kid

Have you ever noticed how quickly children seem to forget when their friends have wronged them? It always amazes me when I see my own children and their cousins “duke it out” one minute and the next, play and laugh … Continue reading

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A sacred pledge

8 years ago I made a promise. Some may call it a promise, others an oath or even a dedication. This promise was a sacred pledge between God and myself. It occured over a warm summer afternoon as I was … Continue reading

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